Podcast #15 – Innovation is the new normal!

In our last episode we spoke about resilience …the ability to manage change effectively…to bounce back! Resilience is our ability to not only survive difficult times, but to also grow and flourish in the midst of difficulty.
Resilience is the R in RISE. Today we talk about the second letter I in RISE…that stands for INNOVATION! The definition of innovation is the ability to bring about change in something established…the establishing of something new, new methods, new ideas or products.

Thus innovation refers to change!  
Can you grow as a person or as a business without innovation?…no, without innovation growth and progress is impossible!

How can you be innovative in growing as a person?

1) Remain curious!
People who embrace change are always looking for new ways to improve. They stay curious about new things, how it can help them and how it can help others. They always question the status quo and are always on the lookout for new methods of doing things. When was the last time you started a brand new hobby, started reading a book of a new author, learned a new language or made new friends? The possibilities to renew things are endless.

2) Take a chance and make mistakes!
Innovation means to keep on trying with knowing that you will make mistakes along the way. Thomas Edison made 1000 mistakes before he got the light bulb to work. Continue expanding your own boundaries. The more effort you make to grow, the more you will expand in your abilities to tackle more things, to grow in knowledge and to flourish even in difficult times.

3) Stay in the moment!
Stay conscious of what surrounds you and the moments you are experiencing. Stop living life in autopilot. When you go through life with mindfulness and full consciousness you are more likely to see more opportunities, become a better listener and more receptive to new ideas.

How can you remain innovative in your business?

* Smaller is better!
Innovation does not always have to be big and dramatic! Innovation in your business can be small changes in your existing services or products. Small changes that bring value to your clients.

* Don’t suffocate creativity!
Short term goals and an obsession with saving costs will suffocate your creativity. Remember that creativity is the fuel to innovate. So remember that not all your efforts will work, but every effort is a down payment for what eventually will work. Think long term, think relationships and think client trust.  

* Reward your clients!
I absolutely love getting a reward from my local stores! Think of ways to reward your clients. This does not need to be monetary. It could be recognition on social media or a thank you note…make your clients feel special and they will return for more!

Let’s RISE above it all! Tough times are temporary! With resilience and innovation we are able to rise above what is pulling us down.
You are stronger than you think! Your greatest ability is your power of choice! The more you use your power of choice the more powerful your choices will become!

With love & admiration,


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