5 reasons to start your own HOME BASED BUSINESS today!

To kick start our new series, IT’S TIME TO START YOUR OWN HOME BASED BUSINESS,I deliberately decided to start with 5 reasons why …why you ask?Because successful businesses that keep standing amidst turbulent and uncertain times are the ones who know WHY they started in the first place.
When I started my own entrepreneurial journey 15 years ago it was about more than the product I was selling, more than the money I was making or the peak hour traffic I was skipping… my reasons for starting my own business is at core the reason I am still doing it today. My reasons for starting are the reasons I could get up after every fall, did not define myself at times when the bank balance was in a minus and did not give up trying when my idea was rejected…and through my journey as entrepreneur I could redefine what success means to me. 
PS! Let me not forget to add that I started my own business on the side…while having a full time job!  
Once you know your WHY… the HOW will follow!
So let’s get right into it: These are my top 5 reasons why YOU should start your own home based business today!

  1. We have just discovered that BEING EMPLOYED IS AN UNCERTAIN STATUS! Covid19 has unveiled how uncertain our jobs really are. A home based business can be started on the side if you are employed or full time if you are unemployed. There is no excuse for you not to start!
  1. A home based business can be started right WHERE YOU ARE , WITH WHAT YOU HAVE! The brilliant part of a home based business is that you can start it without a capital layout, no offices needed and no fancy equipment required.  
  1. A home based business is a SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP AND DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REGISTERED WITH CIPC...but here is the magic…if you are a registered taxpayer with SARS, declare your income as a sole proprietor… with the right help from an accountant you can now claim back your telephone bill, part of your home as an office, travelling expense,etc,etc …but you have to do it the way SARS requires.
  1. Starting your own home based business is NOT AS DIFFICULT AS YOU MAY THINK! Infact you might be busy with it without even knowing it! Are you a freelance artist performing at different events, baking treats for neighbors, restoring furniture for friends, take stunning pictures, fix gadgets ,etc,etc…and people are willing to pay for it? Well… then you are already running a home based business! Now you have to invest in learning how to start running it as a business and claim back your expenses!

Your life is YOUR BUSINESS!  You can only manage your life if you can manage in which direction it is going!
The KEY ? Keep – Educating – Yourself
Look out for the next exciting topics to follow that will guide you with the WHAT & HOW of starting and running your own home based business and also some ideas on businesses you could start!You are stronger than you think and now is the time to make that change you need!

Love & Admiration,