Outsmarting your self-doubt!

The default setting of our brain is fight or flight. So when things seem too difficult, our brain’s first reaction is to convince us …to not do it!
Aha… so now we understand why it is so difficult to stick to that new workout plan, to make the first move on that new business idea, or apply for that new job… or just starting and sticking to something new. As soon as things start looking too difficult, YOU become your own biggest challenge! Now how do you change this? How do you change the things that you do have control over?..your thinking, your words and your actions.
You can change your thoughts, your words and your actions by what you tell yourself!…yes, that little voice in your head, the sound of your thoughts. That little voice is very powerful and speaks to you all day long. That little voice has the ability to remind you constantly of how you are not ready, how you are not able to achieve it or how you are not meant for love and happiness…that is the little voice of self-doubt and fear.
THE GOOD NEWS IS …that everyone has that little voice of self-doubt. Whether you are Oprah or Michelle Obama …everyone has that little voice. Now for the best news…everyone too has the ability to control that little voice!This brings us to the power of your words, not just towards others but towards yourself! So how can you outsmart your own self-doubt and attract more positivity into your life? Develop the language of masters!

  • At work…use words of leadership and courage. No matter your position or title!
  • At home…use words of love and understanding!
  • To yourself …use words of positivity and self acceptance!

Choose to express the words of the very things you want to attract to your life. Speak words of love, happiness, abundance and prosperity towards others, but especially towards YOURSELF! Your words create your world!…almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy!
So this week…even if your knees are shaking …tell yourself:I am strong…I can start that new business!I have courage… today I will have that difficult conversation even though I fear confrontation! I am wise…I will ask for help and get financial stability!I deserve love…today I will say how I feel!Etc, etc…the more you tell yourself words of courage and strength , the more you will attract positivity and outsmart your own self-doubt.

Your super power is in the choices that you make!

With love and admiration,
(The MotivationalDiva)