Podcast #13 – Part 3 – Creativity heals!

Welcome to part 3 of our theme : Covid-proof our emotional health –
Creativity heals!
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Let me remind you of the ABC of emotional health:
A – Acknowledge your feelings and vulnerability
with guest speaker Euodia Sampson
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B – Believe in your power of choice with guest speaker
Hilary van der Westhuizen
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Today we will focus on C – Creativity heals!
To many of us our reaction to fear is paralyses… Today we will see how action can serve as antidote to fear.
Our special guest today is Yvette Hess.She is a writer, creative consultant and fine artist, who’s work revolves around self-expression.
Yvette, thank you being with us today ..we are super excited to visit with you today!
Yvette, you are an amazing artist… do you believe in the expression that creativity helps to heal?
What about the creativity process helps humans with a healing process?
How has creativity helped you from where you were to where you are today?
Do you have any advice to someone who is going through emotional hurt right now? 
How do people get hold of your work?
Yvette, your courage is contagious and with every step you take you give someone else the courage to do the same! I am absolutely inspired by your work and we look forward to the heights your art is and will be reaching in the future ahead!

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