Podcast #12 – OWNING YOUR POWER!

We are super excited to continue our 3-part podcast with the theme – Covid proofing our emotional health. Today we welcome you to Part 2, Owning your power!
Last time we spoke about the ABC of emotional health:
A – Acknowledging our feelings & vulnerability with special guest speaker Euodia Sampson .
If you missed this episode, please go listen to it HERE 
Today we talk about the next step: B – Believe in your power of choice!
Before I introduce our special guest for today I would like to open up the discussion by reminding you of the 90 / 10 rule… that 10% of life is the part you cannot control, but 90% of life is how you choose to respond to what life throws at you.  I like to story of the twin brothers who were separated after high school. Finding each other after many many years, the one brother turned out to be a successful surgeon and the other brother a street beggar. When asked how they landed up where they are , the beggar responded by saying: … “my father was an alcoholic.” On the same question of how he landed up to be a successful surgeon, the doctor brother responded by saying : …”my father was an alcoholic.” Both experienced the same circumstances but the power of their choices brought them to different destinations.
On this note I would like to welcome our special guest speaker Hilary van der Westhuizen! Hilary is the founder and owner of Journey-Social Work Private Practice.
 Hilary, thank you for joining us today!    
So Hilary, when people take hold of their power of choice, what psychological changes take place within?
That’s amazing Hilary …but to get to that point is such a difficult journey.  How can I get to that point where I step up and take ownership? Do you have any practical tips we can take?
These are such powerful lessons for all of us…but we can’t always do it on our own. How does Journey Social Work Private Practice help people to navigate through tough times?
Hilary, you have been an inspiration to all of us! Your work and journey is helping so many people and families cope with difficulties that sometimes feel impossible to overcome. May you continue to rise as you are lifting others.
Thank you listening to our podcast today! Look out for part 3 – Creativity heals!
Till we chat again on the next podcast.