PODCAST #11 – Covid-proofing our emotional health!

Thank you for subscribing and tuning in to our podcast series and this week’s theme is : Covid-proofing our emotional health!

18-24 May was Mental Health Awareness week …and what good timing indeed! We are so consumed with the impact of this pandemic on our physical health, our economy and our education system (rightly so) ….that we are completely underestimating the silent impact of this pandemic on our emotional health.

Our emotional well-being can be affected by various aspects …but especially now, the scope of this pandemic could pivot our uncertainty into negative stress, our fear into full-on anxiety and our helplessness into depression. 

So how can we ,even in a small way, covid-proof our emotional health?

Today’s episode has me very excited! Firstly a shout-out to my niece who inspired the theme and another shout-out to our amazing guests who will inspire us with their stories and advice! So make sure to stay tuned right till the end! This podcast will be delivered in 3 parts, each dedicated to our 3 special guests .

I would like to start with my personal take on covid-proofing our emotional health. I call it the:  THE A-B-C OF EMOTIONAL HEALTH

A – Acknowledge it!

B – Believe in your power of choice!

C – Creativity helps to heal!

A – Acknowledge your feelings!          

This might sound as the easiest thing to do…but it’s not as easy as it sounds. We are so bombarded with the paradigm of being empowered and the imagery of social media that it becomes so much more difficult to voice our feelings like low self- esteem, shame, inadequacy and feeling of failure….which brings us to facing our own vulnerability! 

How can facing your vulnerability become a powerful tool?  

On this note I would like to introduce our first guest Euodia Sampson , also known as the actress in (to mention just a few)  shows like Madam & Eve, Fishy Fashions and currently she is playing in the very popular Arendsvlei.

Euodia, welcome and thank you so much for joining us today! 

           [EUODIA INSERT 1]

1)      We are talking about acknowledging our feelings. Why do you think being vulnerable and acknowledging our feelings is such a difficult thing…but especially so for females?


 I am sure so many can relate to that…not only as females but as parents as well. How open are we to showing up to these difficult conversations with our own children? It’s very common to repeat our own past experiences …especially when not faced and acknowledged.

2)      You have been on your own journey which is especially helpful in helping others to face their own vulnerability. What has your own journey taught you about being vulnerable and acknowledging it?


It’s very hard to accept your own vulnerability …and it takes courage to say what you feel and knowing that it’s the situation that makes you feel the way you feel. My take away is that as soon as we don’t let the situation of anger, frustration or fear define who we are … it becomes easier to address it.

3)      How can facing our feelings help us to heal?


4)      What has been the best advice you have received on your emotional wellbeing and taking care of yourself?


Thank you for sharing your journey and wisdom with all of us. We appreciate the work that you do in communities , your art as an actress and being YOU…by rising above your own vulnerability thus  giving every other female the right to do the same.

We had so much to say and we had to cut our material due to time constraints so I will put the full uncut version on our you-tube channel for those who want to hear the rest of our conversation.

Euodia Sampson, you are a shining light and your courage is contagious to everyone who passes your way!  

Thank you for listening… look out for our part 2 – Believe in your power of choice/ Owning your power with Hilary van der Westhuizen!

With love and admiration
(The Motivational_Diva)